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 Grutle Kjellson, me and Cato Bekkevold of Enslaved

Metallomusikum is a blog dedicated to music, mostly metal but sometimes whatever I feel like, written by me, Mary Spiro. I have been a music fan for going on four decades and specifically a metal fan for about half of that time. Black metal and death metal are my favorite types of metal. I also favor punk, hip-hop, jazz, ambient and classical music as it suits the mood.

Every once in a while, I luck out and get an interview with an interesting person, a cool author, or a band you might want to read about. Other times, you might just get a bunch of photos and a brief write up on a show I just saw. I make no promises as to the content, but I hope to make it regular. I am also the Baltimore Metal Music Examiner. Go like my Facebook page here.

Contact me at mary_spiro@yahoo.com

I welcome your feedback. 

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